NAEFO Membership Benefits and Services for Emergency Services Officials

  • National Issues – NAEFO assists in advocating emergency services issues at the national level.
  • Conferences and Webinars – NAEFO provides opportunities for members nation-wide to meet and discuss various issues of regional and national importance and relevant educational programs are offered to conference and webinar participants.
  • Crucial Roles – A number of NAEFO Standing Committees have been created by NAEFO to involve State Associations and officials of emergency services organizations and in the effectiveness of NAEFO (State Association members play a crucial role in the future direction of NAEFO!).
  • Representation – The NAEFO Board of Directors consists of a representative of individual members and members of State Associations of emergency services organizations.
  • E-Mail – Important and urgent information for emergency services organizations and officials is provided to State Association members to deliver to its members in a timely manner.
  • Website – An informative, up-to-date website keeps all members current on federal issues and events.
  • Formation – Assistance to local emergency services organizations and officials in the formation of a State Association where no such State Association existed before.